Mommy and Me Classes

PROFESSIONAL WORKING MOMS GROUPS - The Alternative, Virtual "mommy and me"       


Are you looking to connect with other Moms who actually understand the challenge of being a working mom?  

·       Are you unable to join Traditional "Mommy and Me classes" because of your job?

·       Do you feel guilty that you have to choose between being a "good mom" for your little one(s) and a leader at work?   

·       Do you worry about reaching your professional goals as a new mom? 

·       Are you concerned about being passed up for opportunities?

·       Do you wish you had a support system in place that actually understands what it's like to "do it all?"

Live. Work. Lead. is on a mission to support new and expecting working moms to achieve BOTH your personal and professional goals.  Our team helps you create strategies to make work, work for you:


  • Building quality time with your baby & being there for the milestones

  • Finding the right child care plan for you & how to prepare to leave your baby

  • Feeding, Sleeping, Pumping...strategies that work for you AND your baby

  • Cutting through the overwhelm of baby related information and determining what is actually helpful


  • Transitioning back to work successfully

  • Support to position yourself for difficult conversations with your team & boss

  • Re-establishing yourself now as a working mom & setting expectations

  • Asking for a more flexible arrangement / adding more time to expected leave

  • Speaking up when it's not working and you need more support


  • Building better relationships at work and at home to ensure you have the right support & finding some time for yourself

  • Dealing with shifting priorities and whether or not to take that "new project

  • Fighting through the motherhood penalty

  • The details...having to travel for work, dealing with a sick child or last minute day-care issue

What you can expect

  • Connect with other professional working moms who understand the challenges of becoming a new mom while being a leader at work

  • Support from a community of other working moms who "get it" and without the hassle of trying to get to traditional mommy and me classes

  • Feel confident in your transition back to work and adjusting to a new schedule

  • Know how to ask for what you need at work and at home to be successful (flexibility, remote work, additional support, etc.)

  • Have a trusted source to cut through the overwhelm of "mom resources" and understands what it means to be a working mom


Weekly Professional Working Moms Group - The Alternative to Mommy and Me Classes

  • Groups Meet Virtually Weekly via Zoom Video Chat

  • Babies Welcome, But Not REQUIRED! (If this is your break, take it!)

  • Access to Monthly Webinars from Guest Speakers

  • Unlimited access & support to the PWM network

  • Groups do not meet July 1-7, September 2-8, November 18-23 and December 23 - January 5