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I specialize in helping expectant moms and new working moms integrate their new role as mom into their career path and design a life that aligns with their talents +professional + personal goals (without sacrificing their family's needs!) 

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At 22 I had dreams of reaching the c-suite and I spent 10 years in corporate finance and successfully navigated my way to an SVP at a top fortune 100 firm and into what was supposed to be a dream job.  The problem is, it wasn’t MY dream job.  Every three to six months, I'd wonder if this was still the career I wanted and I would think about finding a new opportunity and finally making a change but I'd always get sucked back in with a new project or a promotion.  

After returning from maternity leave, I struggled even more.  Now not only did I feel out of place in my career, but the GUILT started to seep in and I felt like I was failing from all sides... at work, as a new mom, as a partner.  As a new mom, I wasn't sure what I wanted in my career or what my goals really were anymore.  Suddenly I was unsure if I was still the same career driven person I had always been or was I "just" a mom.  I knew something needed to shift.  I wanted to work, I NEEDED to work but I realized my priorities were changing.   If I was going to be away from my daughter, I wanted to at least LIKE my work and maybe even LOVE my work!

Things had to change!  

Naturally I started by making changes at work.  I negotiated for more flexibility:  I reset my hours to start earlier so I could be home to put my daughter to bed (and save on child care!).  I started working remotely twice a week.  I was promoted while on maternity leave and negotiated a higher salary upon my return. But it still wasn't right for me.

As I looked back over the previous 10 years, it had been a whirlwind and supposedly everything I had ever wanted when I started my career. Yet I had never stopped to actually think:  Was this the way I wanted to live my life?  Was this the life I wanted my daughter to see as an example?  Most importantly, was I using my talent and strengths?  

I started investing in myself (I hired a coach!), discovering my strengths, determining what environment best suited my personality, and figuring how I could best use my talents to make work, work for me!  I redefined what success means to me and now I find myself doing something I love… helping new moms (and dads!) discover their own strengths, work personality, talents and build the support they need to feel good at work and a home. Ultimately we design a life for you to thrive, succeed, grow and actually enjoy it!

I'm a certified career coach with the International Coach Federation, trained in Organizational, Relationship & Systems Coaching (ORSC). In addition, I have chaired national women's organizations and been on the Board of Directors of the Junior League of Los Angeles.

Today, I work with new moms (and dads!), managers and organizations to best support new parents, discover what inspires and drives new parents in their careers.  Schedule a FREE consultation and I'll  help you navigate your career to ensure you are going after both your career and family goals with actionable steps to make it happen!  

Let’s Make Work, Work for YOU!


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Mary Beth recently held a workshop for moms planning to return to work after maternity leave. She was knowledgable, well-spoken, and created an engaging, flexible presentation that met the diverse needs and questions of the women in the room. She informed the women as to specifically what they were entitiled to during maternity leave, how to create a plan to transition back to work, how to continue a successful career under this new identity of “mom”, and how to know when it is time for a job or career change. We plan on inviting Mary Beth back to the Nest as a regular guest speaker - the information and perspective that she has to share with moms is unique and so valuable!
— Jenn, Owner of New Beginnings at The Nest
Having mentored scores of career coaches, I can whole heartedly say that Mary Beth has an incredible talent with so much to offer her clients. Her knack for helping clients find clarity on their purpose is noteworthy, and her devotion to their success is unmatched.
— Ashley Stahl
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I wholeheartedly recommend Mary Beth Ferrante as a career coach. She is fantastic! Mary Beth took the time to really get to know me and understand my specific goals and challenges in my career path. She is so easy to talk to, I didn’t feel any stress or pressure at any point in the process. Together we put in place a real action plan for my success. I felt like I learned about myself from a professional perspective and how to best use my talents and strengths in the workplace. After each meeting I had tangible, but easy steps I could take that would move me along my path. In only a couple of months, I saw measurable results - since we started working together, not only have I landed interviews, but also initiated a promotion within my current company!

In addition, Mary Beth’s expertise with working women looking to start a family is priceless. It’s an uncharted territory for many of us who always wanted a family and find ourselves running out of time. She was immensely helpful in showing me how to best navigate the challenges of fertility issues while juggling a demanding work schedule.
— Carolyn C
Working with Mary Beth has been so empowering! With her counsel, I successfully navigated my first salary negotiation and did so with more confidence than I’ve ever had during a job interview. Her guidance on how to support my request and carefully phrase my communication led to success and a $15K increase in my salary! I highly recommend working with Mary Beth!
— Meredith D.
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Mary Beth Ferrante is the definition of professional. Not only was her presentation engaging and very well enjoyed by our members, she was a breeze to work with. Whether looking to make a job transition or for life balance, her thoughtful insights can be applied to many situations. After hearing her keen observations, it’s easy to see why she is a huge asset to her clients and we are very fortunate to have her as a resource. We’d love to have her back next year to speak to our members!
— Nicole Olivares, Junior League of San Francisco
Mary Beth recently led our membership in a workshop on career transitions & work-life balance -specifically on finding and aligning your purpose with your career. She is an incredibly inspiring and effective coach and speaker. She guided discussion through discovering core values and how to act on these to become a more fulfilled person and successful professional. She will be invited back again and again!
— Rachel Abott, Junior League of Los Angeles
Mary Beth is an extraordinary career coach. She an expert at guiding her clients to make the moves that are right for their individual lives. Her corporate experience has given her a first hand awareness of how important it is to be in a career that lights you up and works for you. What sets her apart from other coaches I have worked with, or consulted with, is that she truly believes our work needs to work for us and with us...that it should be a great fit for who we are and contribute to our lives rather than burn us out. She is connected to her clients and her work. Her passion to help people find happiness contributes to her being a top career coach.
— Jessica Vega

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Quick Change: Looking for help with that one part of your parental leave or return to work strategy that just has you stuck?

I provide a targeted 1:1 deep dive session to provide you specific guidance to blow through that roadblock. For example:

    • Plan to share the news at work that you're pregnant
    • Understand your leave options
    • Figure out the right child care option that aligns your life.
    • Create a plan to negotiate a flexible work schedule

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Finding Balance: 1:1 Coaching OR PROFESSIONAL WORKING MOMS GROUP PROGRAMS: Integrate Your Work & Role AS A NEW MOM

Integrate YOUR career into YOUR life as a mom with my most popular GROUP OR 1:1 personalized program

    This program is IDEAL for ALL Working Moms, especially expectant Moms and Moms returning to the workforce after leave or a break.

    • We will focus on integrating your career goals into your life goals without sacrificing your talents, strengths, needs or passions and we will leave the GUILT BEHIND!

    • GROUP PROGRAM - PROFESSIONAL WORKING MOMS GROUPS - This is NOT Your Traditional Mommy & Me. This program is designed for Working Moms and blends networking, career and parent support! Sessions are held virtually for 60 minutes each. Click Here for More Info

    • PERSONALIZED 1:1 Support: Each person is unique but typically I work with working moms for three to six months. Sessions are three times per month for 60 minutes.

    • Based on your needs we will tackle:

      • Identifying how the work you love can realistically fit into your life

      • Improving your leadership and relationship skills to better partner at work and at home, leaving the GUILT BEHIND.

      • Don't quite love your work? We'll take a step back to align your purpose with your career and the work you are meant to do.

      • Preparing yourself and your team for maternity leave so you go out as a leader.

      • Returning to work - after leave or a break - without sacrificing your career goals or the needs of your child(ren).

      • Create a strategy to target a new position that gives you the balance and work life integration that works for YOU!

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For Companies: Go Further... provide real support for new working parents

Help new parents as they return to work and support them as they integrate their growing family into their career and continue to achieve their professional goals. Mary Beth has worked with organizations such as

WeWork LadiesGetPaid Maven Clinic The Nest The Junior League of Los Angeles

    Workshops & Trainings:
  • Key steps to returning to work after maternity/parental leave
  • Finding your voice and advocating for your career & family
  • Battling the unconscious basis of New Moms and ways Managers can keep women in the leadership pipeline
  • Personal Branding - how to reestablish your brand at work while adjusting to parenthood

    Company Sponsored Coaching:
  • Personal 1:1 coaching for key employees returning to work post maternity/parental leave
  • Group Coaching for new parents
  • Open Q&A Sessions for employees preparing for maternity/parental leave and/or recently returning

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