#33 - Tips on Moving Past Your Fear

Fear... how is it holding you back right now?  In this week's video, I talk about how our fears often keep us from truly going after what we want.  Click on the video to learn how the move past your fear! https://vimeo.com/227013186

Fear is difficult to conquer.  It's often there to keep us safe, to ensure we don't act reckless or put ourselves in any serious danger.  But too often, we let fear keep us from really moving forward in our lives and asking for what we want!

So when the fear is holding you back, how do you even attempt to move forward?

1) Identify the fear!  What is really holding you back?  I share an example of asking for more flexibility.  What's the fear really about?  Is it that you are worried about getting fired or that you won't be taken seriously?  What is honestly keeping you from having that conversation?

2) Worst Case Scenario.  Alright, so let's play out the worst case scenario.  What would actually happen if they seriously fired you just for asking?  Sounds like a pretty terrible culture to be a part of anyway!  But how would you handle it?  Could you find a new job? (yes!)  Cut back on expenses immediately (most likely!)  Find a new way to generate income (what about posting that extra room on Airbnb?? --Kidding---kind of!)?  Could you handle it if the absolute worst happened?  Yes!  And in reality what is more likely to happen?  In this case, maybe it's that they simply say no.

3) What Could Change!  This is much more fun than preparing for the worst case!  What would be the big tangible benefits that could come out of moving past your fear?  More freedom?  More time with your baby?  Or for yourself?  What would it be like to actually gain more flexibility and how would YOU best use it!  Be specific - just don't say oh I'd get more time... time is great but we all have the same amount of time... focus on what you would DO with that time instead of commuting or going to meaningless meetings!

Watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/227013186



What fear is holding you back right now?  I'd love to hear from you!

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