#32 - Tips on Giving Yourself Some Grace When Life Gets (Extra) Chaotic

How is it already the middle of July?  When you tune into this week's video -  https://vimeo.com/226101556 - you'll hear me share about my family's recent move and the chaos that came with it!  

I share about how I think balance isn't always possible and that instead, I like to think about work and family more of a swinging pendulum that ideally keeps moving back and forth and hangs out mostly somewhere in the middle - (more on this in a future video!)

But sometimes that pendulum does get stuck, so what do you do when you are feeling like you are dropping balls in one (or many!) parts of your life!

1) Appreciate what's going well!  Yes, you may be dropping balls in one aspect to focus on another part of your life.  For me, the last two weeks have been dedicated to moving and resettling in a new neighborhood and new house!   But while I was not focusing as much as I wanted to on my work "to dos," I have made a ton of progress in making this new place ready to call home!

2) Assess what needs to be addressed.  Ok so when you are hyper focused on something (like moving!), inevitably there were other things that you let go.  So what needs immediate attention? What aspects could have gone a bit better?  How can you smooth out some of those issues that may have popped up while your focus was somewhere else?  Identify what needs to happen now that you've come up for air.

3) Do your best to release some Judgement!  This one is definitely the hardest!  Negative thoughts seem to be some quick to enter our heads and we are always the hardest on ourselves. Be aware when you are getting down on yourself!  Would you talk to your best friend like this?  Your colleague?  Try to reframe things the way you would speak to others!  Do your best to be kind yourself and give yourself some grace!

Watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/226101556 



How are you being hard on yourself as a working mom? Where do you need to give yourself some grace?  I'd love to hear from you!  Email marybeth@liveworklead.com!

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Mary Beth Ferrante