#31 - Tips on Breastfeeding and Traveling for Work

One of the most important things we do as mothers is feeding our babies, and for many new moms, that means we are breastfeeding.  Our experiences breastfeeding are all across the spectrum but not matter how you feel about it, a trip out of town for work can throw the balance completely out of whack!  So here are three big things to consider if you are traveling for work and breastfeeding.

1) Make accommodations to pump!  Whether you are going to a conference, an event, or will simply be at a new office, it's important to know where you are going to be able to find some privacy to pump.  You don't want to get to the location and be stressed in between meetings trying to find a space!  Talk to an office manager, administrative assistant, event organizer and let your needs known before you arrive!  Most people are super helpful and will find you a place to pump!  

2) How/ Where will you cool your milk?  In addition to where you will be pumping, find out if there is a refrigerator available to store your milk.  If not, bring a cooler with you!  And definitely call the hotel ahead of time and ask for a refrigerator or freezer (even better) to be in your room when you arrive.  

3) Know your options for traveling your milk home!  For anyone who has pumped, and espeically those who have struggled, you know that breastmilk is equivalent to liquid gold!  The last thing you want to do is get through a week long trip of successfully pumping only to struggle to get it home.  You are allowed to travel (at least within the US) with breastmilk on the plane. Check out the latest TSA rules so you are prepared ahead of time! https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/breast-milk .  Or consider shipping your milk!  You'll need to get the right supplies, cooler, ice packs or dry ice and shipping labels but it may end up being less stressful that battling TSA!  There are even companies like https://www.milkstork.com/ that will do all the work for you!  And be sure to check out your employer's policies!  Some will even help with the cost of shipping breast milk!

The key here is planning beforehand.  And while it may be frustrating and time-consuming to figure it out ahead of time, it will make your time traveling for work much easier!



Mary Beth Ferrante