#24 - Tips on Asking For Help

Today's top tip is to start asking for help!  Click on the video below to dive into how to actually ask for help.

  • Get Specific - People (especially our partners) rarely respond well to "I just need you to help!."  They need to know the details.  How can I be helpful? What should I help with?  When do you need help?  So don't be afraid to be specific.  
  • Ask Specific - Don't ask a group of people or just put it out there on social media.  Go ahead and ask a specific family member, friend, co-worker!  When you do to someone individually and provide them with specific details about what you need help with, they will almost always say YES!  
  • Don't forget about the little things.  Our everyday lives and routines get hectic easily.  Look for ways to get support even on the little things.  Whether it's dividing and conquering to-dos with your partner or re-adjusting responsibilities when work or other things shift.  It's important to always look at how you are handling the day-to-day tasks first and looking for ways to make it easier!  

Bonus Tip:  I learned this from another working mom tonight!  Create a list of things that someone can always do for you when you are feeling overwhelmed (e.g. laundry, dishes, taking care of dinner, putting the baby to bed, etc.).  Then when you are truly feeling so overwhelmed you can simply point someone (partner, friend, your mom) to the list and then can dive right in!

Here at Live.Work.Lead. we are on a mission to support women in transition, especially new moms and we are working on building up a new community focused on the professional career women turned professional career working mom!  

What support are you looking for?  What is important to you in your community?  Send us your thoughts and feedback as we build Babies.Bosses.Balance.


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