#27 - Tips on Personal Branding

Before my baby, I worked full intention of growing my career and going after what I had determined success looked like - the "C-Suite."  Yet, quickly after my daughter was born, I realized my priorities had shifted and MY definition of success, at least for the next year, had changed.  But when I went back to work after maternity leave, not only did I expect myself to be the same "worker" most of my colleagues did too!

So I would like to challenge all new moms to be thoughtful and intentional as you re-brand yourself as a Working Mom.

  • What has changed for you as a working mom?  Have your priorities shifted at all?  Do you need to rethink your core values or how they show up in your career?
  • Be intentional!  It's normal to feel as though you have to go back to work and prove yourself over and over again - sometimes even to yourself that you can be the employee you were before you left.  But guess what - you are NOT - and that's ok!  What does need to change for you?    Where do you need to make shifts in how your approach your work or set up boundaries.
  • Re-evaluate your "Why" - Why do you work?  Why is it important to you to work?  What's the value you bring your customers/clients?  What's the value you bring home as a working mom?  Knowing your Why will make you more excited and connected to your work!
  • Here at Live.Work.Lead. we are on a mission to support women in transition, especially new moms and we are working on building up a new community focused on the professional career women turned professional career working mom!  I'd love your feedback!

What are the two things you struggle with most as a working parent or that are you worried about as a soon to be working parent?

Send us your thoughts and feedback as we build Babies.Bosses.Balance.


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Mary Beth Ferrante