#26 - Tips on Emergency Planning w/ Baby

The images coming out of yesterday's terror attack in Manchester will give anyone pause.  It's always frightening but for some reason, this one hit me a bit harder.  Maybe it's because so many young girls were attending this concert and young kids seem to be the target.  And while it's important to take time and remember those lost and keep all of those families in our thoughts, it also serves as a stark reminder.  It is so important to have an emergency plan in place especially when you may be separated from your child.  So a few quick tips:

  • Do you have an emergency plan with your child's caretaker?  If your child is in daycare, they will likely have an extensive emergency plan in place but it's important that you ask and get yourself familiar with that plan.  Have a caretaker at home (nanny, family member, etc)?  Sit down and map out a plan with them!  Especially with meetup locations!
  • Plan with your partner.  Do both of you work? Who is responsible for picking up your child? What if you can't get home?  What if you are unable to leave work?   
  • Emergency supplies.  Do you have a few kits ready to go?  If you have an old one, have you reviewed its contents?  When your baby is little it's important to review the emergency supply frequently as their needs change rapidly from formula to clothing and diaper size.  Get together and create a few kits.  Here is a great resource to get started if you have a baby!
  • http://preparednessmama.com/infant-72-hour-kit/

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Mary Beth Ferrante