#25 - Tips on Self-Care

Today's top tip is all about Self Care - and that all important "Me" time!  In a culture where we often pride ourselves on being busy and our time is often being pulled in every direction (work, partner, child(ren)), it becomes increasingly difficult to find some time for ME!

  • Give yourself 1 Minute.  In the morning when you wake up, before you jump out of bed or grab your phone, give yourself just one minute.  Take a deep breath and think about something you are grateful for today!  
  • Ask yourself - how am I going to help me today?  What's one thing I can do today that is just for me - whether it's some alone time (hey maybe it's even going to the grocery store alone!), grabbing a glass of wine and a bath or relaxing shower at the end of the day.  Whatever it is  - find one thing that's just for you!
  • Determine what you really need.  Sometimes we get really hung up on how "me" time is even supposed to be spent!  Self-care doesn't always mean that you are at the gym, doing yoga, or meditating (it can! and all of those things are great!) but more importantly, what do you need?  Sometimes all I need is some sleep and to go to bed early!


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