#16 - Tips for considering a job change

How long have you been thinking about searching for a new job? Honestly...how long?  

Employers seem to have this innate ability to know when you are getting really frustrated at work and then they dangle just enough to make you think..."well it's not SO bad." This could be a promotion (or the promise of one!), a new project, a shift to a new team, or even just finally giving you some well-deserved recognition.  But six months later, you are back to square one - feeling stuck and dreaming of a better job.


  • WHAT'S MISSING?  Be specific. What is really missing in your current job? Is it flexibility? Is it the type of work you are doing? Is it the camaraderie or the culture of your team? What is driving your desire to make a change? If you start to understanding what's missing in your current role, it helps you determine what you are searching for in your next opportunity. Often times it's not that you are in the wrong job function or even the wrong industry but that you need to find a new role with a culture that aligns with your values.  Speaking of...
  • GET CLEAR ON YOUR CORE VALUES:  What's most important to you? Creativity, autonomy, friendship, success, etc. There are so many values to chose from (check out this list under step 4) so do your best to whittle it down to about 5 values. How are they important to you, how do they show up in your career? 
  • ARE YOU UTILIZING YOUR STRENGTHS REGULARLY: For me, this was the most important factor in knowing I was ready for a job (and career change!). I was clear on my strengths (adaptability, empathy, developing others, influence and organizing chaos) but I was truly only using adaptability and organization on a regular basis. Using my strengths on a regular basis makes me feel energized and allows me to truly thrive. So instead of trying to fix my weaknesses (which never works!), I focused on creating an opportunity to truly be using my strengths.  Don't know yours?  Check out Strengthsfinder 2.0.  



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