#15 - Tips for Working While Pregnant

Growing a baby is hard freaking work.  And if you aren't there yet, and you are of a certain age, you are probably considering it. Hell, how could you not? Your Facebook feed probably has at least one pregnancy announcement per week!   So share this with a pregnant friend or file it away for later.  Because it's worth repeating...

Growing a baby is hard freaking work.  

Add that to working a full-time (sometimes more than full-time) job and it gets worse and easily can become overwhelming. Let's be real, being pregnant while working really just sucks.  

So while I can't magically make morning sickness disappear (which by the way affects 50% of us and does not happen only in the morning!), there are a few things that will help make it easier.


  • SPEAK UP:  Sharing the news that your pregnant can be daunting in its own right, (More tips on that on my blog!), but as soon as you're are comfortable, it is important to share the news so that you can make adjustments as needed.  Talk to your boss first, before the news leaks as office gossip.  Then ask for what you need!  In addition to doctor's appointments, be upfront about any accommodations you may require.  Keep the dialog going.  You don't need to provide a play by play to your boss each week, but keep them in the loop as to how it's going and how you are feeling?
  • ADJUST YOUR SCHEDULE:  Are you noticing a pattern?  Are you more nauseous in the afternoon or struggling to stay awake?  Then do your best to schedule important meetings in the morning.  Make sure you actually take a break.  Take a quick walk outside or even nap for 15 minutes in your car, 
  • AVOID OVERWORK: In an effort to prove we can have it all and do it all, it's easy to naturally want to take on more.  I get it, you want to make sure your employer values you and that they know you can not be easily replaced.  And while I always suggest advocating for yourself and your career, be mindful that constant stress can cause complications.  So while it's easier to juggle those late nights before baby's arrival, ask yourself, does this really need to happen tonight?  Is there someone else who can help? Will saying yes to this extra project align with my career goals?  



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