#9 - Tips for Beating the Back to Work Blues (post Holiday!)

Happy New Year!  2017 is officially here and the holidays are behind us!  Are you excited?  Or are you a little bummed?  I'm a holiday junky so while I'm happy some of the stress of crazy schedules, travel and shopping are behind me, I'm feeling a bit blue and even put my daughter in her Santa PJs last night, because they are JUST SO CUTE!

The New Year often brings people a renewed sense of energy and commitment to their goals...but what if you are just not feeling it?  Perhaps the holidays meant spending a lot of quality time with your little one(s) or with friends and family and now you are back at work and back to the grind.  You are being inundated with inspiring quotes and status updates of everyone claiming their life changing goals for the year.  But instead of jumping up this morning to hit the gym before work, you clung to the snooze on your alarm clock!

So how can your re-energize and find some motivation to kill it this January?


  • Take 5 Minutes to Yourself: Find a quiet place for a few minutes today or tomorrow and ask yourself - what's really causing these January blues?  Do you just need a few days to get back into the groove after a week or two of vacation or is it a sign that you need to make a shift in your career or lifestyle?  
  • Keep it Simple: Remember last week I shared the need to set SMART goals for your New Year's Resolutions.  I'm holding you all to this one.  But the real key is focusing on ONLY one or two new goals and commit for the long haul.  According to a study by the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes 66 days to create a new habit.  66 days!  So keep it simple or you'll lose motivation by Thursday.
  • MOVE:  We've been eating and drinking and snuggling by the fire in our PJs....okay okay, maybe that's just me!  Regardless we know that exercise does wonders for our mental health, so get yourself moving and you will feel more energized!
  • GET CREATIVE: I'm a huge fan of author and researcher Brene Brown (check out her audio book, The Power of Vulnerability) and she is a huge proponent of exploring your creative side.  Exploring creativity can release innovation and inspiration that you leave otherwise untapped.  Write, draw, dance, sing!  Break out the bath crayons with your little ones.  Just try it!  You may be surprised what comes up for you!

Energy and motivation strike differently in every person.  So if you are the type that gets excited for New Year's Resolutions, awesome!  But if you are not, you are good company!  Give yourself some grace and time and it will find you.  

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Mary Beth Ferrante