#5 - Tips for battling unconscious bias

November 8th is finally here!  First things first, exercise your right to VOTE today!  

Sure, my daughter is clearly more interested in the I voted sticker, but I thought it was important to bring her with me to the polls and to share with her the power of her voice.  

What struck me the most about this election was way women across the U.S. (and the world) turned Nasty Women into a battlecry!  For many of us, there have been so many moments in the workplace where we've heard comments about how we behave and more often how we should behave!  Let's stop the madness and stop apologizing for being leaders!

Some of the more subtle versions that have come across my desk include:

  • Stop being so pushy.
  • Wow, that was harsh!  
  • Your emails are too direct, add some kindness.
  • You are being too stubborn. 
  • Just tone it down a bit.

So how do you handle these comments centered in unconscious bias in the workplace?

For me the most effective way is to simply ask the person to explain their comment and how they would have handled the situation.  For example, when I was told my emails were too direct, I simply asked what was different about my emails vs. the rest of my (all male) peers.  Once they took the time to think about it... the answer:  hmm I guess they are actually pretty similar.

This is by no means a full proof solution, but let's start to break it down and really make others think about their comments.


  • VOTE

You are WORTH IT!  


Mary Beth Ferrante