#5 - Tips for Resetting Your Mindset

Is it just me or did Thanksgiving completely sneak up on you?  

I swear I was just commenting on how ridiculous it is that there are already Christmas commercials and suddenly Thanksgiving and ALMOST equally important Black Friday are only days away and I have no idea what I need!  Okay, okay, NEED is definitely the wrong word, but I was spending hours scanning through Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, etc to find out what was on sale so that I didn't miss out on grabbing the "IT" toy or the best sale.  Not to mention planning for our trip - packing, making plans with family and friends, meal planning, travel arrangements, OH and of course trying to squeeze 5 days of work into 2.  The anxiety builds and my mind is constantly running through lists of "To Do's."

What I really needed was a CHANGE IN MINDSET!

So how do you change your mindset and dealing with Thanksgiving Stress


  • Overall be REALISTIC & INTENTIONAL with your time
  • Write down a list of all of your goals for the week (This ended up being over 20 for me!)
  • Take a minute and look over them – what are your top 3?  Focus on what you actually need to do to ensure you accomplish your top 3 goals.  For example here are mine:
    • Seeing two of my best friends (seeing family is already a given). Typically I make loose plans and then try to be flexible.  This just causes stress and frustration.  Instead – I have actually made concrete plans (with times and locations!) in advance!
    • Being present with my family: For me this ultimately boils down to not constantly checking email.  So I’ve notified my clients that I am taking time off and won’t be checking email on Thanksgiving.  I have my out of office already set up.    However, do you have a boss that notoriously emails you on holidays?  I've been there!  Already have a plan on how you are going to respond.  Best to be quick and blunt.  "Hi Name, Thanks for the information, I'm happy to run with this on Monday."  That's it - keep it short and sweet and get back to your top goals!
    • Sticking to my workouts -  Yup that’s right, I’m even telling all of you!  I will stick to my current routine while traveling.  In general, I’m the worst at this and it would normally not make my top 3.  But right now it’s a priority and if it’s going to happen I have to have a plan.  I’ve got the app downloaded; my workout clothes packed and have asked my sister-in-law if I can borrow some hand weights.   
  • Let the rest go!  Okay, maybe not completely.  But really focus on the actions that will help you accomplish your top 3 goals and leave yourself some space to be flexible.   Anything else you get done this week is just the gravy on top (yum…mashed potatoes with gravy! )

You are WORTH IT!  


Mary Beth Ferrante