#3 - Tips for Striking Some Balance

Work Life Balance *sigh* - Seriously...Is it possible?  For many of use as working parents the daily struggle is real and really limits your quality time with your babies.  Working the corporate life with a four-month old, our "time" was for a 4 am feeding before I tried to get another hour of sleep before getting up and out the door by 6:15am.  I raced home at night to get my coveted bath time and snuggles before bed time.  It was exhausting and honestly made me sad and angry to miss this time with her.

This morning I read this:  Patagonia has a 100% retention rate of new moms!

They truly get it and have built a culture that supports their working families without impacting their bottom line.  Pregnancy and children were not considered a problem... they are part of life.

So what about those of us that don't work for a company that really gets it?  


  • The Golden Triangle.  This rule has changed my life.  The triangle you create between work, home, and school/ day care becomes your triangle.  Monday through Friday, live your life within this triangle.  Keep all your errands, grocery store runs, meetings and commitments within your triangle!  Triangle too big?  
  • Identify your non negotiable(s).  Working in both the corporate environment and now for myself, my number one non negotiable is bath time.   We have so much fun!  Do I ever miss it?  Of course, but it's a conscious decision, not just because I stayed too late responding to emails (which was previously a problem).  You also have to block your calendar and hold yourself accountable!
  • Outsource.  There are always a million things you could be doing yourself... cleaning, grocery shopping, so many errands, planning a 1st birthday party...but what do YOU really need to do?  Who can help?  Start with your partner.  Find ways to split up the household work / errands as much as possible.  Invest in Amazon Prime!  No longer do you need to run to the store to pick up paper towels - subscribe and save is your best friend and they just show up on your doorstep!  

You are WORTH IT!  

Have a friend who's pregnant?  Send her my latest tips on planning for maternity leave! 

Mary Beth Ferrante