#2 - Tips for a Stress FREE morning (with baby!)

Sometimes life and work seem so far out of balance that you get this overwhelming sense that everyone is judging you!  I came across this video last week and of course it brought be to tears.  As a relatively new mom still figuring out how to integrate my career and work into my life, it was incredible reminder that we are doing our best and it's enough!  

Check out the video here: http://bit.ly/2dqVXM2

When it starts to feel really overwhelming I use these "back to basics" to keep myself moving and to get us all out the door in the morning!


  • Prep the night before!  Pick out your clothes, set the coffee to turn on automatically and pack the diaper/ kids bag(s) and your work bag all the night before.
  • Create a home for your stuff.  While I used to have this amazing talent to be organized at work and perfectly dysfunctional at home, it no longer flies.  My stuff has to have a home.  That makes grabbing it all in the morning so much easier.  My rings are always on the ring stand, next to my cell phone, next to my sunglasses.  My work bag and the diaper bag sit next to where I hang my keys, etc. etc.  The more organized you can be the easier your morning will be.
  • Plan breakfast for the week.  This one I still haven't totally mastered!  But the weeks I plan out our breakfasts are the easiest mornings.  Oatmeal Monday, PB Toast with Banana Tuesday, Yogurt & Granola Wednesday... it doesn't have to be fancy, just planned and ready to go.  

You are WORTH IT!  

Mary Beth Ferrante