Photos by  Timothy Shivers

Photos by Timothy Shivers

Professional Working MomS GROUPS 


This program is designed for Working Moms and blends networking, career and parental support! Sessions are held virtually for 60 minutes each. 

1:1 CAREER Coaching


Based on your needs we will tackle:

  • Identifying how the work you love can realistically fit into your life

  • Improving your leadership and relationship skills to be a better partner at work and at home  

  • Don't quite love your work? We'll take a step back to align your purpose with your career and the work you are meant to do.

  • Preparing yourself and your team for maternity leave for a smooth exit.

  • Returning to work - after leave or a break - without sacrificing your career goals or the needs of your child(ren).

  • Creating a strategy to target a new position that gives you the balance and work life integration that works for YOU!

Each person is unique but typically we work with working moms for three to six months. Sessions are three times per month for 45 minutes.

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Targeted 1:1 Deep Dive session

Need help with that one part of your parental leave or return-to-work strategy that just has you stuck?

My "Deep Dive" session provides you with specific guidance to blow through that roadblock.


  • Planning to share the news at work that you're pregnant
  • Understanding your leave options
  • Figuring out the right child care option that aligns with your life
  • Creating a plan to negotiate for a flexible work schedule

We've worked with clients at companies such as: