The Live.Work.Lead. Team


Mary Beth Ferrante

Mary Beth is a mom to 2 girls, a wife and an advocate for supporting new parents in the workplace.  At 22 she had dreams of reaching the c-suite and spent 10 years in corporate finance, successfully navigating her way to an SVP at a top fortune 100 firm.  Yet, after the birth of her first child she struggled with her identity as a new mom and a professional and battle guilt from all sides - at work, as a new mom, and as a partner. 

Inspired by her less then smooth transition back to work, Mary Beth launched Live.Work.Lead. becoming a Certified Career Coach with the International Coach Federation, and training with CRR Global in Organizational, Relationship & Systems Coaching (ORSC).

Today, she works with organizations to design programs to attract and retain new parents and works with individual new moms (and dads!), to discover what inspires and drives new parents in their careers. Schedule a FREE consultation and she will help you navigate your career to ensure you are going after both your career and family goals with actionable steps to make it happen!  

Ultimately she helps you to design a life in which you thrive, succeed, and grow!

Let’s Make Work, Work for YOU!