Let’s Make Work, Work for YOU!



"Mary Beth is a dedicated, sharp, and pragmatic career coach who I had a wonderful experience working with. Each session was incredibly productive and between sessions, I had a clear and customized action plan that allowed me to consistently make progress toward, and ultimately, achieve and exceed all the career goals I had defined in my initial consultation with her! She excels at leveraging her deep expertise and experience in the corporate world to help her clients navigate professional challenges in a way that is hyper-relevant to the modern workplace. Her energy and passion for helping her clients succeed in their careers are infectious, and I always came away from our sessions energized (and well-prepared) to tackle any obstacles I had previously been struggling with. Last but not least, Mary Beth is truly invested in building long-term relationships with her clients and our work together has allowed me to both build and finesse a personal treasure chest of highly transferable skills that I know I will continue to draw upon as I continue my career journey. Thank you, Mary Beth!"

— Vivian Lau, San Francisco, CA



"Mary Beth is an excellent career coach who helped me with a very non-traditional job search. She guided me through both the professional career search as well as the personal journey to identify what I truly wanted out of my next position. A job search for someone at my stage and career level can be challenging because there's not nearly as many opportunities and can induce a good amount of stress along the way. Mary Beth provided tremendous support on both of these fronts. She is equally talented to examine the big picture (where I want my career to go), form an action plan (how to get there) and address minute details (how to word certain emails and preparing for interviews). I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about finding their ideal role and wants an organized guide to help them think strategically about the search."

— Jordan D. Chicago, IL (Dad of 1)

"Mary Beth is truly one-of-a-kind. She has provided endless support as I transitioned from a professional to a mom and now a working mom. She brings a level of reality to the discussion and a practical way to use the advice and knowledge she has. The key to address any challenge or concernsyou may have with making the transition to being a full-time working mom is having a plan in place that that can be executed. She goes above and beyond in making sure that you have a “blueprint” that is tailored to your needs. I personally needed advice and direction on how to negotiate a higher pay given role expansion as I went back to work. We were able to look at the facts, understand what the new job entails and define what my worth was to the company and how that translated into numbers. I was able to present my thoughts in a clear, concise and logical manner to my boss so she could understand my point of view and address my compensation concerns. I am happy to report that the conversation was a success and I feel more confident in being an advocate for myself in the future. I also know I can completely rely on Mary Beth to be there for me as well. She truly is invested in her clients." 

— Kelli Abawi, Los Angeles, CA (Mom of 1)



“Working with Mary Beth has been so empowering! With her counsel, I successfully navigated my first salary negotiation and did so with more confidence than I’ve ever had during a job interview. Her guidance on how to support my request and carefully phrase my communication led to success and a $15K increase in my salary! I highly recommend working with Mary Beth!”

— Meredith D, (Mom of 1)

“I wholeheartedly recommend Mary Beth Ferrante as a career coach. She is fantastic! Mary Beth took the time to really get to know me and understand my specific goals and challenges in my career path. She is so easy to talk to, I didn’t feel any stress or pressure at any point in the process. Together we put in place a real action plan for my success. I felt like I learned about myself from a professional perspective and how to best use my talents and strengths in the workplace. After each meeting I had tangible, but easy steps I could take that would move me along my path. In only a couple of months, I saw measurable results - since we started working together, not only have I landed interviews, but also initiated a promotion within my current company!

In addition, Mary Beth’s expertise with working women looking to start a family is priceless. It’s an uncharted territory for many of us who always wanted a family and find ourselves running out of time. She was immensely helpful in showing me how to best navigate the challenges of fertility issues while juggling a demanding work schedule.”

— Carolyn C., (Expecting while a client and now a New Mom!)



“Mary Beth recently held a workshop for moms planning to return to work after maternity leave. She was knowledgable, well-spoken, and created an engaging, flexible presentation that met the diverse needs and questions of the women in the room. She informed the women as to specifically what they were entitiled to during maternity leave, how to create a plan to transition back to work, how to continue a successful career under this new identity of “mom”, and how to know when it is time for a job or career change. We plan on inviting Mary Beth back to the Nest as a regular guest speaker - the information and perspective that she has to share with moms is unique and so valuable!”

— Jenn, Owner of New Beginnings at The Nest